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ā€œš—”š—Ÿš—§š—›š—”š—œš—”ā€œ Necklace/Choker is a versatile necklace which can be worn as a choker or as a necklace gently caressing your neck bones.

We chose the name š—”š—Ÿš—§š—›š—”š—œš—” meaning honesty, because we can only be our true authentic selves by being honest. They go together, the one never without the other. For authenticity to exist, honesty must come to life.

By wearing this necklace we would like to encourage you to be and act with honesty, by doing so you live a more authentic life.

ā€œš—”š—¹š˜š—µš—®š—¶š—®ā€œ choker/necklace are available in the colors; red, black, gold, rose gold & clear crystals