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Handmade bracelet using a combination of 8mm golden translucent crystals, 8mm white howlite spun gold gemstone, 6mm stainless steel gold spacers and 6mm round stainless steel gold beads.

Measuring your wrist circumference

  • Take a measuring tape or a string and place it around the widest part of your wrist. Measure your wrist size. If you use a string, place it along a ruler
  • Choose the size that is the closest to your wrist size

Which bracelet size to choose?

Wrist size         Choose

15-16cm             Small

16-17cm            Medium

18-19cm             Large

20-21cm               XL

If you have any questions about which size to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or app

Story of the product

We believe that everyone deserves to feel peace and calmness. We tend to overlook the fact that men are also humans with feelings and emotions (they often times hide because of society's expectation of them).

We created the "Serenity" collection specially for men but of course women can also wear them to acknowledge their need for peace and calmness.

Each armcandy has an african name, carefully chosen with the meaning of calm, peace and brightnes.


I am a serene being deserving of calmness and peace

 With Love, Bold Fashion