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Upcoming Workshop

Join us for a unique and hands on jewelry-making experience using the versatile and sustainable calabash/gourd fruit!
In this workshop, participants of ages 8+ will learn the art of crafting beautiful and personalized heart shaped earrings.
What makes this workshop even more exciting? Participants can choose between two different earring types and 3 different sizes to express their creativity!

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Mission & Vision

We believe that everybody is beautiful and special in their own unique way.

Being your true self by celebrating your uniqueness will bring you closer to your life purpose. Therefore we inspire people to own their uniqueness.

By making different, out-of-the-box and authentic products that reveal your uniqueness and make it STAND OUT.

At BOLD FASHION you will find handmade jewelry and accessories that elevate your Uniqueness and boosts your Self Confidence.

Own Your Uniqueness

Mens Collection

  • About Us

    We are specialized in making different, out-of-the-box, authentic & unique products that reveal your uniqueness and make it stand out.

    We make and sell non-conventional handmade jewelry and accessories to fully elevate your personal style.

  • Stationery

    Explore our exquisite Love Journals, each page waiting to hold your cherished memories and heartfelt musings. Write with the elegance of our Flower of Love Pen & Pencils, adorned with delicate floral designs that bring a touch of romance to your every word.

    Discover the perfect companions for your thoughts and expressions, and let your creativity bloom with our stationery collection.