We believe that everybody is beautiful and special in their own unique way.

Being your true self by celebrating your uniqueness will bring you closer to your life purpose.Therefore we inspire people to own their uniqueness by making different, out-of-the-box and authentic products that reveal your uniqueness and make it stand out.

We make and sell non-conventional handmade jewelry and accessories to fully match every outfit.


My name is Junaiska Geferts, born and raised on the beautiful Island Curaçao. 

In september 2013, after a bad breakup, I set out to reinvent myself. I desperately needed to find out what really makes me happy, which led me into finding my life purpose.

At a random day I found some extra buttons, from my work blazer, on my bedside drawer. Instantly an idea emerged in my mind to use these buttons as the basis for a necklace. I immediately called my sister and asked her to go out with me to buy more buttons, after this the first necklace was made.

From this moment I started to wear my own, handmade creations everywhere I went. To my deepest surprise people started to ask me where I bought my jewelry. I would proudly respond: “I make them myself!” More and more people replied by asking if I could make such a unique button necklace for them; and this is how Bold Fashion was born.

I decided to start my own business in unique, handmade, exclusive jewelry. I expanded my products from necklaces to also making bracelets, earrings and all kind of accessories. Even though the demand for my products was high, I was full of doubt in the beginning. I was asking myself if this is what I was looking for, is this company in line with my life purpose?

My doubts started to fade out when I realized that this is my truth, accepting who I am and owning my uniqueness. Now I strongly believe that I found my unique gift, and this gift I want to share with others through Bold Fashion. It turns out that by searching for myself I have found my passion; making one of a kind statement jewelry which will inspire people to express and own their uniqueness to the world.

I wish for everyone to Own their Uniqueness! Because, when you own your uniqueness, accept and live your truth it will bring you closer to your Life Purpose.

Own Your Uniqueness