Collection: Patriotismo


The Patriotismo collection embodies the deep sense of belonging and pride in Curaçao’s culture, nation, and heritage. It’s a vibrant celebration of Curaçao's rich heritage and culture. It is a heartfelt homage to our ancestors, acknowledging their resourcefulness and resilience in using what they had to create what they needed.

By incorporating the calabash fruit into our modern creations, we honor their legacy while making the calabash relevant in today's world. This multifaceted and versatile fruit can be transformed into a multitude of unique products, and through its use, we contribute to the sustainability efforts of our country.

The collection features meticulously handmade items such as earrings, keychains, brooches, and soap. Each piece is carefully carved and painted to highlight the artistry and craftsmanship that went into its creation.

This dedication not only celebrates our rich cultural heritage but also ensures that the traditions and skills of our ancestors continue to thrive in contemporary society.

Drawing inspiration from the Curaçao flag and Curaçao, Willemstad’s distinctive abbreviation, CW, the collection proudly showcases elements that are quintessentially Curaçaoan.

From the iconic Handelskade, with its colorful waterfront buildings, to the resilient cactus that thrives in the island's arid climate, every piece is a testament to the island's unique identity.

Additionally, the inclusion of "599," the international dialing code for Curaçao, adds a personal touch, connecting the collection to its roots.

The Patriotismo Collection beautifully captures the essence of Curaçao, making it a tribute to the island's history, beauty, and spirit.