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Naturi Wood Charms

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Introducing our Exquisite Artisan Engraved Wooden Stud Earrings – Nature's Elegance Redefined!

Embrace the essence of nature's beauty with our extraordinary collection of handmade wooden stud earrings. Each pair is thoughtfully crafted & meticulously selecting the finest sustainably-sourced wood and imbuing it with artful engravings that elevate these studs to wearable masterpieces.


  • Material: Handpicked, sustainably sourced wood
  • Size: Petite and elegant, offering just the right amount of charm
  • Backing: Stainless steel or hypoallergenic metal for secure and comfortable wear
  • Design Options: Explore a wide range of nature-inspired designs and patterns

Indulge yourself or surprise someone dear with these captivating Artisan Engraved Wooden Stud Earrings. Embrace the allure of nature reimagined in wearable art and relish the compliments and admiration that will follow wherever you go. Rediscover elegance, redefined through the beauty of handcrafted woodwork.