Collection: Teralaman

Teralaman Collection is our 2022 Limited edition Summer Collection.

We chose Curaçao names related to Tera meaning earth and Laman meaning Beach/Sea. The relaxing energy of Curaçao beaches are reflected in this earrings collection using sea shells and pearls. Feeling relaxed and grounded when wearing this collection is inevitable.

While Tera and Laman names where chosen using some of the beautiful beaches, flora and fauna and under sea corals we have in Curaçao.

Illustrating Tera through the rough and soft surfaces of our calabash earrings these exotic and colorful earrings will definitely make you feel the paradise adventure.

Connect with the Caribbean flavor in our earrings and bring summer vibes all year long to your wardrobe.

Indulge in our colorful earrings and add more flavor to your everyday styling. The light weight of our earrings will make them seem like their floating on your earlobes while making them wearable all day long.

Be ready to take out your summer dresses, power up your work attire or add an extra glam to your evening outfit.